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Margarita Xistris is a focused and caring mother, conservation and boating enthusiast, and the owner of Nautical Details, Inc, a boat maintenance and restoration company. Over 30 years ago, she entered and excelled in an industry that was uncommon for women to compete in. Margarita developed a love for sailing at the age of six and has fond memories of swimming and playing in the cleaner environment of the Long Island Sound during her childhood. These cherished memories drive her determination to find better solutions for cleaning up our waters.


Margarita is an energetic leader who is passionate about creating and maintaining successful environments through teamwork. She thrives on inspiration and motivation, fostering meaningful and uplifting communication with her family, friends, and employees. Her well-rounded skillset includes effective communication, connecting with people, and developing their strengths to cultivate strong teamwork. She is also proficient in coordinating major projects, scheduling for successful deadlines, and creative problem-solving.


Throughout her career, Margarita has worked with renowned marinas and shipyards such as Derecktor Shipyards, Brewers Yacht Yards, Stamford Yacht Club, Stamford Landing, Riverside Yacht Club, Greenwich Water Club, Norwalk Cove Marina, MacKenzie Marine, Palmer Point Marina, McMichael Yacht Yard, Morris Yachts, and Friendship Yachts, among others. Her dedication lies in fostering a conscious, eco-friendly marine environment in her region. She aspires for future generations to be able to swim in the Long Island Sound without concerns for their well-being.

Being a woman in the highly competitive marine industry for over 30 years is a significant accomplishment that requires focus, knowledge, and the appropriate application of that knowledge to succeed. Margarita has committed years to self-help seminars, such as Landmark Forum, CEO Space, Peaks Potential in Business, Finance, and Warrior Training, and Tony Robbins Business Mastery, to improve her quality of life and personal philosophy. She strives to be a well-rounded leader, business owner, mother, and partner. Additionally, she is a member of entrepreneur groups like the Arete Syndicate, where she constantly pushes herself to achieve new heights and surrounds herself with like-minded individuals.

During her off-season, Margarita has studied the healing arts for over 20 years, earning certifications in yoga, Thai massage, Reiki, meditation, cranial sacral therapy, kinesiology, belly dancing, and other modalities to support a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Her latest venture involves establishing a Health and Wellness Center in Stamford, with a focus on weight loss and overall well-being.

Through this center, Margarita aims to help individuals achieve their health goals and improve their overall well-being. She also showcases her culinary skills both on and off the sea, using her passion for the culinary arts to create delicious and nourishing meals that enhance the experiences of those she connects with.

Furthermore, Margarita has recently founded an organization called Women in Boating, which celebrates the achievements of pioneering women in the industry. Her commitment to empowering women and fostering a supportive community in boating is highly commendable. Through her leadership, she continues to inspire others to embrace their passions and break barriers.



In all aspects of her life, Margarita Xistris exemplifies determination, expertise, and a deep sense of care. Her contributions to the marine industry, dedication to environmental conservation, pursuit of biohacking, establishment of an Anti-aging, Weight Loss, Biohacking Center, and commitment to empowering women make her a trailblazer and an influential figure in her community.

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