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Mission Statement

It's our mission to support and connect women in the boating industry, entrepreneurs and/or future boaters. Female boaters will encourage a diverse community to inspire and mentor. This platform will help us to share the best tactical knowledge with strength, poise and authority.

Margarita Xistris

Margarita Xistris is a native of Stamford, CT, and a serial entrepreneur. She is is the owner of Nautical Details. Being a female and owning a business in the marine industry three decades ago was very rare.  Through perseverance and commitment to being the best in her industry, she soon had a reputation for high quality service with a commitment to timeliness, while customizing individual packages and understanding that every boat and clients’ needs are different. She fell in love with sailing at the age of six and as a little girl; she remembers swimming freely in the Long Island Sound.  On her quest and commitment to create safer water ways, she has been researching green products and safer methods for her staff and the environment for cleaning and refinishing. Through this, her company can contribute to this transformation of restoring the Long Island Sound.  Margarita’s goal is to be able to build the first green marina with a medical health and wellness facility.  Her long term goal is to return the waters to a safer environment so her children and the rest of the community can swim without care in the sound.


At the age of 16 she began working in the marine industry for over three decades and she is still in love with what she does.  She has been working on boats that range from 20 feet long to 400 feet long, has managed a team of 12 people and has expanded her services to New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  In all the years of her service, she has trained over 150 seasonal employees and in order to do this and still maintain quality, she has created training systems that are continuously being revised and improved.  The training systems were built in order to train methods of high level care and to simplify maintenance so as the boats age they are easier to care for and still look beautiful. Our training systems have also implemented a term she calls, Consciously Clean.  She believes that investing in her employees is one of her greatest assets and she teaches them how to do the right thing, the right way, will build character, strength and performance.




Still in progress...

Our website is still in the process of development but still feel free to ask any questions regarding on what our mission is!


We also have a Microsoft forms opened to help build our website with responses we get from women! We'd appreciate if you could take the time to fill it out.


Thank you ,

Margarita Xistris



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